TelePresence @ Home

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Just before Christmas, a big pallet of Cisco gear arrived at my house. It was my own TelePresence system for my office. A stripped down version of our CTS-1000 product. It consists of a “normal” CPU-sized chassis (referred to as the codec), a HD camera, speakers, microphone, and IP phone. I am using a 24″ Dell monitor for the display … Read More

Now Playing Supports SFTP, Finally

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Adding SFTP to Now Playing was a breeze on Windows. I had a component that I had bought for Orion so I just used that. Couple DLL calls and it was done. On the Mac, I was looking for something similar but never found it. Never found any good code either. How to integrate this in a nice way? I … Read More

My Sister Speaks

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My sister, Natalee, who has been featured here in various death defying 14er climbs is now blogging. She started a personal Facebook boycott so I offered her server space to make her online home. Let’s see what she has to say! Visit Natalee here.

Run: WCR 28 + Longview (8.08 mi)

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Solid run. A bit tougher on the uphill but everything felt good. Need to get back to early AM runs. My body does better. No food in my stomach to fight. Need to get a long run soon. I went 8.08 miles with an elevation gain of 788 feet in 64 minutes, which is a moving pace of 7:58. View … Read More

No More HOA

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As of Jan. 1st of this year, my 2 terms as the HOA president ended. I opted not to run again. I would become the default president for life if I had. I completed all the things I set out to do. I was going to make a list in this post of all the things I (with help on … Read More