Crane Game in HD

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I got a new Mino HD camera. Giving the non-HD one to Kim for her purse. So I uploaded a quick video I shot of the kids to see how it goes. I tried this a few different ways to get YouTube to recognize the HD video.

1. I used the software on the Mino to upload to YouTube. That apparently shrinks the video and YouTube did not process it as HD. Result: No.

2. I took the raw MP4 file and uploaded it to YouTube. The HD link didn’t show up for a few hours. Apparently, there is a processing lag to get that version to be available. Result: Yes.

3. I imported the MP4 into iMovie ’09 which arrived today. The “Share to YouTube” option still only has 640×480 so it isn’t going to be HD. So that option won’t work. I went through all the other options and none of them seemed to have a way to export HD video except for the “Share with QuickTime” version. From there, you can pick an MP4 file with HD 720p quality. So I did that. I only had one clip in this test but as normally I have dozens of clips to string together so I wanted to be sure that worked. I uploaded the produced file and the HD link showed up a few hours later. Result: Yes.

YouTube won’t let you embed the HD quality version on your web page (yes, there is a hack but it blows up). So you have to click on the video to go to YouTube. Then under the video on the lower right, you will see “watch in HD”. That works. But you can watch the HQ (high quality) version right from this web page ONCE the video starts playing. Just click the little “up arrow” icon in the lower right and choose HQ. The video will start playing with noticeably better quality. See what you think. Let me know in the comments. I think it worth the HD processing but probably would watch the HQ version most of the time. Eventually, YouTube will probably expose a way to embed this way but for now they want you to choose because it would eat up all the bandwidth on the Internet I suppose.

Regular Embed:

HD Embed:

Also uploaded the HD movie to Vimeo. They seem to be much more HD friendly. You can even embed HD — if you subscribe. Might do that but curious if people think it is worth it. Here is the non-HD embed. Click the HD button in the video to be taken to the HD version. Looks good?!?!