Now Playing Supports SFTP, Finally

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Adding SFTP to Now Playing was a breeze on Windows. I had a component that I had bought for Orion so I just used that. Couple DLL calls and it was done.

On the Mac, I was looking for something similar but never found it. Never found any good code either. How to integrate this in a nice way? I finally just broke down and decided that the best and easiest way was to drive a shell script to do the upload. So I spent some time learning expect and added the functionality.

Probably won’t work for every single person out of the box but it works for me. The cool part is that if you turn on debug level logging, all the SFTP output gets captured in the console. So you should be able to take a look and see if it is your issue or mine.

This might be the final step in getting Mac vs. Windows parity for Now Playing. Free upgrade as always — because I am that nice.

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