Blu-Ray Is Slow

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Is it just my Sony BDP-S500 or do all Blu-Ray players take forever and a day to load a movie? I have this annoying loading progress bar that comes up. It fills to 100% over and over again. Who taught Sony about user interface? You fill a progress bar one time and then the operation is done. You can’t keep filling it 30+ times in a row. That just seems broken.

I keep updating the firmware on my player too. Pretty slick but kind of annoying. I JUST WANT YOU TO PLAY MOVIES!

Seems like each disc almost has the “OS” for the movie on it and it has to load the whole thing before they can show you the FBI warning. How about you show me that crap while you are loading? Let’s multi-task a bit.

HD-DVD had in their spec that the movies would just play. No previews. They lost. Back to previews, menus, warnings, and tons of other stuff before you show me the film.

I am starting to think that Blu-Ray will kill Blu-Ray. Downloaded movies don’t have all this crap. They have different rules. So the experience is better and it might just win over time and bandwidth becomes more prevalent to all. No amazing conclusion there.

Oh, my disc is done loading…time to watch the movie!