A Night With A Grumpy Bear

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I had been watching a few “Comedy Central Presents” this month and I wondered why hadn’t been back to the comedy club in a while. It is always a good time. Then Kim tells me our former babysitter is back in town for college break this Friday. And then Kim reminded me that every time she is pregnant we go to Comedy Works and sit in those tight ass chairs making a pregnant woman very uncomfortable. Sounds like a date!

We got downtown in good shape and were seated in the front row. Star treatment! One of the openers was Hippieman. I love when people are naturally weird and go up on stage and make fun of themselves. Hippieman is from Boulder and spent a lot of time talking about his “Plan for America” in which the economy and our other messes would be solved. This included using up all the oil — because nobody is going to do anything about alternative energy until the oil is gone. Oh, and lots of pot brownies.

Comedy Works

The headliner was Chuck Roy. We have seen him open for other folks here at Comedy Works. He is another local guy who is a self-described “grumpy bear”. Something was in the air as a bunch of crazy bitches were constantly “overlaughing” at the jokes and started shouting along. He made a point to beat down everyone who challenged him because it was his show. Funny stuff. He picked on the dude next to me for quite a while — a nice clean cut kid that he kept calling “sweater”. Plus being a local guy, he does a tons of local material. Most of which are spent making fun of people from Highlands Ranch tonight. However, he always hits me with a few personally — like making fun of all of us (ok, me) that have carabiners on our keychains.

Comedy Works

Kim fulfilled her 2 drink minimum by getting wasted on a water and then a Sprite. That’s how pregnant woman roll. Here is a video of part of Chuck’s act I found on the net. Check him out!