Return to Grays Peak

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Distance 13.34 miles Time 9 hr 4 min Summit Elevation 14,270 feet Elevation Gain 4,746 feet Route Bakerville/Stevens Gulch It is a known fact that I have boycotted climbing in the winter. Too much complexity. It involves cold weather. Snow is harder to walk in. Yep, yep — ok, mainly I am a baby. I just want to check the … Read More

25 Random Things

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There is this Facebook meme going around where you get taggged to write a note about 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about yourself. I knew my turn was coming and finally got tapped. I was just going to post the list here and link to it from the Facebook page to force the Facebookers to get out of … Read More

Ranking Fast Food

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While I don’t know every chain on here, I highly agree with #1. Unfortunately, there are none of those in my current home state of Colorado. I am kinda glad because I would likely eat there for 30 days straight once it opened. #4, #6, and #10 are places I frequent right now. All praise the burrito.

Got A Mention

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My TelePresence @ Home post picked up coverage from NetworkWorld’s Cisco Subnet column. Guess they didn’t mind the implied use of TelePresence for phone sex. NetworkWorld: What do you need to hook up Cisco TelePresence at home? It isn’t the WSJ but how many times can I be referenced there? Two so far!

Crane Game in HD

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I got a new Mino HD camera. Giving the non-HD one to Kim for her purse. So I uploaded a quick video I shot of the kids to see how it goes. I tried this a few different ways to get YouTube to recognize the HD video. 1. I used the software on the Mino to upload to YouTube. That … Read More