My Wife Calls Them “My Mid-Life Crisis”

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I just wanted to do this for a long time and finally got up the nerve and found a good place to go. I told my Mom in advance and she seemed to think this was better than the recent nail painting, which she didn’t understand. I mocked some up and showed my wife in advance and she said I … Read More

Can We Be Friends

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As part of a work investigation, I added the Facebook Connect feature and Google Friends feature to the sidebar of my blog’s home page today. Google was by far more straightforward and less error prone. Looks good too. Facebook is wacky. I can’t figure out a good way to get it to do what I want. Anyway, I need some … Read More

Fashion Statement

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I keep washing the dogs and wondering why they stink after. It was their collars! They were old and ratty. So I ordered up some fresh new Spiffy Dog Collars from Steamboat. We picked up a pair of these collars years ago and loved them. So I went with some new styles for this go around. Here is Dakota sporting … Read More

Gregory Canyon

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The kids have been wanting to play in the snow. Well, last night the snow came. We got several inches. So on our final Christmas shopping trip, we were down in Boulder and decided to go over to Boulder Mountain Parks and get in a little snow time. The thermometer in the H2 showed between 2 and 4 degrees the … Read More

Saddle Rock

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Distance 3.03 miles Time 2 hr 02 min Elevation Gain 1,170 feet GPS Analysis MotionBased So we took that one week off when we were at Disney. And then last week, we woke up on hike day and it was snowing and blowing and cold. Neither of us wanted to deal after a week of fun in the sun. So … Read More