A(nother) Year in Running

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Well, I had all kinds of plans on writing some big summary on how my year in running went. But I have lost a little motivation on producing something epic and I think the individual posts stand for themselves. Mostly, I look at 2008 as a big jump up from 2007. Lots of new first time items. Like I ran … Read More

More Now Playing Love

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I spent part of the day ignoring family and upgrading the Mac OS X plugin to a later version of the iTunes API. This gave me access to additional fields that people have been asking for like playCount, rating, and composer. It also moved the strings to unicode so I can support international characters. I brought over some of the … Read More

Late Night Burgers

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After an evening movie, I realized I hadn’t eaten dinner yet. If I was in California, we would hit In-N-Out. But we are Indiana. How about Steak N Shake? Ok, it wasn’t In-N-Out but it was good. But the cooks were definitely cuter! This children thing is starting to pay off. Hey kid, take our picture!

Green Mountain

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Distance 3.94 miles Time 2 hr 23 min Elevation Gain 1,767 feet GPS Analysis MotionBased Today was the last hike of 2008. We head to the Midwest this weekend for the holidays. So I was in the mood for something to cap off our Fall hiking season. We woke up to weather in the 20s so it felt warm as … Read More