Thanksgiving at Disneyland 2008

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Last day at Disney so we figured we ought to beat the crowds and get to the park when it opened. So we packed up everyone so we could be over there by 8 AM sharp. When we arrived, the park was practically empty as compared to prior days. A nice change! So we quickly made our way to the things that we hadn’t had the patience to stand in line for in prior days. The weather was a bit colder than previous days but that was OK given the lines. Everything that was a 45 minute wait in prior days was now 15 minutes. We moved right through every ride we had missed and repeated some of our favorites.

About mid-day, we got a message from the Poland family that they too were at Disney. So while walking over a bridge, I spotted Ian from behind and ran over and said something rude from behind him. When he turned with the “why I oughta…” look, I gave him the surprise bump and we chatted for a while. They were in California for the holiday as well. Its a small world after all. Speaking of that…we finally got to go through Its a Small World. I spent the time video taping it for posterity for the girls and for those of you that wished you could have seen the holiday theme in person.

We went to Santa’s Ranch in Frontierland to see some of the holiday attractions there. The big (but not so big) attraction of the day was the turkey that was pardoned by President Bush earlier in the morning. TV cameras were all around this bird as it just sat there wondering what the hell was going on. I sort of imagined him thinking “I wish they just would have killed me — instead of making me the turkey that Bush pardoned”. So we moved on to other animals that were more festive, like reindeer!


I captured a variety of moments with the girls on our last day. Hopefully, it will serve as a great reminder in years to come of the experience of the vacation and how much fun our girls had.

We left Disney around 9:30 PM as the fireworks got started. People had camped out for hours to watch them. For us, it was a chance to cut through the crowd and get out before the mass exodus. As we got on the tram, the fireworks were going off and we had a good view of them the whole way to the car. As we got off the tram and walked to the car, I was reflecting on how we do Thanksgiving our way. No turkey for us. We have made it a tradition of being active and away from home on Thanksgiving. Our family isn’t nearby and we drive/fly to see them at Christmas so everyone is cool with it. I think of Thanksgiving as a day were we are always together as a family doing something a little more fun and adventurous. And for that, I am thankful.


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