Disney’s California Adventure 2008

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Another big Disney day for Sydney and Reagan. However, I felt like I needed to get in on the fun too. Adults can be kids too!

Disney's California Adventure

Here is a photo of Mike expressing my thoughts on the food service lately at Disney. All the lines take forever. And they seem completely baffled by the work. I always remember my Dad telling stories about how Disney was so efficient at crowds and such. Nobody ever had done that before. Well, they must have promoted the food chief and now they don’t care. I was 2nd in line at this burrito place. Shouldn’t be too long, right? Come to find out most people are waiting 20-30 minutes for food. When you looked inside there was an assembly line making the food just like any other fast food place. What’s the hold up? The guy before me ends up getting 1/2 of my order so my order was messed up. So Kim’s burrito sat there and they needed to make mine again. Now, these are not customized burritos. Just normal “get what you get” types. So now my burrito was “off ticket” in the lingo. Oh man. Just give me the next chicken one that comes off so I can move on. NO! You have to wait they told me. Like it was my fault they gave my food to another guy. So I wait. The “kitchen boss” stands at the end of the line and puts the food on a tray and does a bit of ticket matching. Then puts the food on the counter and your cashier has to give it to you. So I see mine sitting there 10 minutes later. Give it to me! I yelled through the window. The boss went on to explain that that is not her job and the cashier has to do it. Oh, kill me now. We ate and the burrito gave my wife gas. So when you think it is over, it still keeps haunting you!

Disney's California Adventure

Sydney often runs ahead with Mom leaving Peep and I to enjoy the rides ourselves. She is so excited to see every part of the rides. She even is into the 4-D type rides this year while her sister is crying the whole time.

Disney's California Adventure

We caught the Pixar Parade that evening and I used my little FlipVideo camera to capture some of the action. I don’t do so well with nighttime photos of lighted events like parades. Anyone got any tips for me? Anyway, the video picks up the action just perfectly.

After the parade, we looked down it and it seemed so early! Disneyland is just across the way and the Christmas parade is starting in 30 minutes. Ready, set, go! The night was just getting started…

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