Weekly Training Summary

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Total: 28.65 miles (4:39)

Well, as far as structured training goes, this is my last week of the season. Denver Marathon is next Sunday and that is my last scheduled race of the year. I may run 1 or 2 other races for fun but I am not going to be specifically training for them. This week I again took my rest days seriously and rested. I am kind of digging this taper. But I fear that I probably took it a bit too far. Wondering if I peaked too soon. When I do go out, I am refreshed and ready to roll. So I am hoping to relieve the feeling I had back in Napa where I was really fresh and ready to go. I have seen the improvement in times this year. I can run my tempo runs at a pace that I could barely hold in intervals last year. I have gotten faster and stronger. I am excited to put the year behind me and take some time off. Then contemplate next steps. But I still have one more race to run. I don’t want to bonk. I hope to get 18-20 down safely and then kick it in for the final stretch. I keep going over the course in my mind. I just hope we have good weather unlike last year. Looks sunny so far. Should be a great morning.