Weekly Training Summary

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Total: 51.20 miles (7:44)

Been feeling like my training plan is all over the place. Went to California for that week of work and did that 5k and then returned and did the Boulder Half. Seems like the Denver Marathon training schedule got jacked up with that. However, the good news was that those 2 shorter races lit some fire in my legs and that strength from those summer base miles is translating to speed.

I took Monday off after the race — why not? Then Tuesday was out for intervals. I was dreading it but I spanked all of them. I was supposed to do 7:30s or so and was sub 7:00 for each with room to spare. I was wondering who’s body I had stolen. On Wednesday, it was an easy day but I just ran what my body wanted and it turned into a big tempo day with low 7s for most of it. What was going on? On Thursday, the wheels fell off. It was tempo day and I couldn’t hold much. I was dead. My calves mainly and hammies had protested over night and were not happy with the new pace. So Friday I went to Henry for a massage and didn’t run. Got back out on Saturday for easy miles and felt a bit better. Then today put in my last longest long run before Denver. I had some plan of seeing if I could do 8:10s for the whole thing. Started out good but a few bathroom breaks due to some not so hot feeling digestive track kept me stopping and starting. Wasn’t good. Then about mile 11 I could feel I had gone to fast. I held it for 6 more miles and put in an extended loop around McIntosh Lake just to beat myself up a bit more. Then coming back towards home on 17th street, I shut down physically and mentally. Bonk. I was done. Felt like I accomplished a good workout. Just had too much more distance to go and spent to much early. So I hobbled and walked and jogged the rest of the way home. I was dejected just because I wanted to get done and feel like “yeah, I am going to crush this race”. However, now I am somewhere in between. Just need to be more conservative at the start of the race and then see how it plays out in the later miles. I know another PR is in store but I feel like I want to push it and get a big jump. But now I think I will back it off a bit and see how the day goes. Going to be interesting. It has also been cooling down and I used to hate that but this fall so far has been terrific. The cooler temps are great for running. Get out there!