JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge 2008

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Distance 3.50 miles
Time 22:51 (PR)
Pace 6:27
GPS Analysis MotionBased

Last year, I had the opportunity to race in this charity challenge representing my employer, Cisco. It was a good time although it is sort of a wacky distance race at 3.50 miles. This year, we had an offisite planned for this week and it happened to coincide with the race once again. Sign me up!

Cisco didn’t do as good as last year for participation. We only had like 106 people this time. However, the event was up to 5,700 I believe they said so that was cool. 250 some companies were represented. Glenn and I were able to talk co-workers Nick and Manju into running with us. Ted was a maybe until we left and he canceled. Luke is just a whiner and he said he was too tired from his jet lag. So we headed up in my rental Corolla. The rental companies are punishing me after the H3 damage.

Glenn and I did a few good sets of 20s to get things warmed up. We lined up and were off. The plan was 7:00, 6:30, then die on the last mile. However, with the crowd and excitement, we shot out of the gates at a 6 flat for the first half mile. Glenn kept yelling “brisk” at me. I wanted to slow down but my body said NO. So I kept the quick pace. There are a bunch of turns at the start so I kept having to slow down to round those 90s. Crap course in that respect. But once we got along the waterfront, I did my best to hold a 6:15-ish pace into the wind. It was a long mile and a half but it felt good, not great. Started cramping due to the deep breathing but I ran through it. Once we made the last turn, the wind settled and it was slightly downhill and I got a bit more speed. The splits show positive splits but I just went out too fast to do negatives. As I got on the final stretch, I saw the clock ticking up through the 22s. I put out what I could and crosssed before the 23:00. Felt great! Minus the cramps that I doubled over for. I wanted to puke. I hate those short runs. Its all you got the whole time. Glenn finished up about a minute after me due to his calf issues. But it felt great to be up a bit further in the pack and be able to compete in there with Glenn. Guess those 1,000+ miles since last year’s challenge paid off by 2 whole minutes! The informal poll at the Cisco tent had me finishing 2nd for our company.

Brought my video camera for a little shooting of the Cisco ETG running crew!

The map…right under the Golden Gate.