Weekly Training Summary

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Total: 41.64 miles (6:32)

I took Monday off after the PPM. Then got back in the saddle on Tuesday with a nice run. No soreness to speak of. However, it started to hurt as the week went on but I got a tempo run in and then did a decent longer run on Friday. As mentioned, I tried to eat lunch on the run. It was the best burger ever. I was so hungry. But then it wasn’t so good on the rest of the way home. Need to keep experimenting with eating on the run. Next I am going to try the pizza roll-up made famous by Karno! Spent Saturday doing a family adventure and by the time I had the toys put away it was too late to run. At least that was the excuse I sold myself. So 2 days off. Felt like such a blob.

But then again, I am reading some blogs where people struggled to run at all this week and are suffering from PPM. I hit the roads only 24 hours later and put it a pretty decent week. No injuries except for this new case of blisters that seem to be coming out all over. I think my foot is revolting. No, I don’t think I need to change anything — yet. Same old stuff I have done fine in for years. Think my feet are just getting soft from all the miles.

Plus, the kids are back in school now so I am adjusting to a new sleep schedule. I HATE waking up early but once I get in the groove, it will be good for training. Get it done first thing.

Had a good time reading all the various PPM blogs and meeting some new people online that did the race. Always looking to grow my Colorado running connection. It has been such a solitary sport for me to date but I know I need to branch out to get faster. Reading about people running in groups and doing tough workouts together. That would push me I think. It is that or get a coach. I don’t need someone to draft a weekly plan for me. I need someone to watch me run, critique my stride, figure out where I lack, etc. I have the desire to improve and I am building up the base miles but I still keep wondering how long that improvement phase will last. Some part of me (influenced by Anton, probably) makes me think that I just need to keep pushing up the miles and the PRs will come. I have already run 200 miles more this calendar year than last year and its only August. It wasn’t until late last year that I learned what intervals and tempo runs were for. I think I just need to be patient and stick with the key workouts and continue building the base.

I think the problem is that I get antsy when I don’t have a race coming up in the next few days…my mind wanders! We will see what the week brings. The temps are a bit cooler so it is a nice relief. If all goes well, I should get some mountain time next weekend with my sister and B2. Hoping to bag a couple more 14ers before the mountain season ends for me.