Weekly Training Summary

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Total: 53.67 miles (11:54)

2 weeks until Pikes. Got another solid week in. However, I started the week wanting to get more distance in…like another 70 week but after reading Anton’s latest blog entry, I felt like I needed to shift from quantity to quality.

With the family out of town, I figured I could get big runs in over the weekend. But the more I thought about it, I had a chance to get back to back 14ers in 2 weeks before Pikes. Plus another 1 or 2 on Tuesday with B2! That should help get me ready.

So I setup my marathon training calendar for the Denver Marathon and got my watches ready to go. Need to get back to speedwork. Already a month into that 16 week program. It gave me Monday and Friday off but I opted to get longer easy runs in on those days.

I gave a great effort on Tuesday and Thursday for intervals and tempo. It was painful yet fun to run fast again. Been on the slow and steady bus for too long this summer. But it was 100+ degrees all week so I was sweating my ass off. I liked it.

I also was able to run in downtown Denver one day while I dropped Syd off for camp. Thought it would be fun but it was a pain in the ass. Cars. Intersections. Bikes. Sidewalks. Enough of that. I will come back when you close the roads and have a race.

Been starting to look at time each week to, not just distance. 12 hours seems to be comfortable at this point per week. However, those 14ers go me to a 7,266 elevation gain for the week which was only 2nd to my 50 mile race week. Feeling good about that.