Out of Stock

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On my way home today, I dialed up apple.com and made an appointment at the Genius Bar to replace my busted iPod shuffle. It won’t turn on. Under warranty still — only had it 3 months. So I had to wait around because I got there early. Plus they were pretty full on appointments so I had to kill some time beforehand too. Holy crap are they busy at the Genius Bar. So either all the products suck and people are constantly needing help or Apple users are morons and they spend the day chatting with a “genius” to feel cool and get tips? Oh well.

The lady in front of me is having shuffle problems too. Apparently it dies on her. But after like 5 minutes. So the guy has to wait around for it to die and it seemingly never does. They explained to her all the things that might have caused it to go bad — including sweating on it. Um, I think I know why mine is broke now.

Then its my turn and I show him that mine is truly dead. Explained what I had done. He tests it and confirms. Then he says it looks like they have a few in stock. He searches around and comes back and says they must be out and he will have to order it. I will have to come back in 2-3 days when the call. Shit…spent all that time and nothing. I tried to explain my disappointment but he gave me a puzzled look and said he was sorry. Can’t you stock this crap. It can’t be hard. Oh wait, you can’t stock iPhone either. Must be a systemic issue.

The next customer pulls up while I am doing my paperwork. Something wrong with his iPhone 3G (already?). They messed with it and came out with a replacement for him. You have to be fucking kidding…this guy can get an iPhone replacement on the spot — you have heard there are still lines, right? And I can’t get a damn iPod shuffle! WTF?