Everything Sucks

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So last night, I went to get gas and got all flustered and laid my wallet down while working the pump. I mentally noted to myself to get pick it back up but of course I did not. I woke up this morning to get join in the iPhone madness. Grabbed my stuff. Where is my wallet? SON OF A … Read More

Test Note

A Day in the Life

This is a note from Evernote.  Testing to see if it makes it to my blog.  Might use this to blog short things.  Then they go in my notebook which is searchable on web, PC, Mac and iPhone.

Outlook Won’t Download An ICS File

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This is one of those things that doesn’t seem to be well documented anywhere so I wanted to post. If you are are writing a web app that allows for a download of an ICS file to Outlook and its giving this error when you choose Open: The Operation failed. An object could not be found. This mostly occurs with … Read More

Death Row For The Treo

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My Treo is sad. It knows its on death row. My 2 year contract was up in January but I waited patiently until Apple put this 3G Jesus phone out. Now the time as come and the Treo will lock up for the last time. To its credit, it was my first true smartphone and it was great — for … Read More

Weekly Training Summary

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Total Mileage for the Week: 73.23 I ran 6 of 7 days for the week and put down my largest weekly total ever. Good news is that I could have run more. Bad news is that I didn’t want to run more. At about 12 hours of running for the week, my mind was entering a permanent state of boredom. … Read More