Packing for Leadville

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Here is my list. What am I missing? Oh, I am not carrying all this stuff. Drop bag for most of it. Leadville Sliver Rush 50 Checklist GU packets Accelerade (baggies) 4 VESPA Chapstick 2 pairs of shoes 2 pairs of socks 2 shorts 2 shirts 1 long shirt 1 wind jacket 2 iPods Headphones 2 GPS watches Hankie 2 … Read More

I Haz iPhone

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Another day. Offered to take Sydney to camp so I was in the car at 8:30 AM driving around. Called 4 Apple stores. No stock but they all said “call back later in the day”. That was different than other days. Nobody got shipments yesterday so I assume this was a subliminal message that a shipment is probably coming. So … Read More

Weekly Training Summary

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Total Mileage for the Week: 60+ Another rounded off total mileage week because of a GPS failure on my 305. Then I ran with my 400t (not fun) and it locked up once because of my bouncing. Suck. As a geek, I have failed in my quest to capture every single step of the year. Oh well. Anyway, its a … Read More

No Foo For You

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Just saw on the news that Foo Fighters postponed Tuesday’s show at Red Rocks. Guess I won’t be fighting foo that night. I was stoked for a race week concert. Guess the streak continues.

It Continues

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I was about to head to bed early last night when we had to take my daughter to the ER. She was in a lot of pain in her stomach. Turned out to be something that passed and all is well. Great way to end the day. Home in bed by 1 AM. I went to leave for my run … Read More