Garmin Forerunner 405

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I got my replacement 305 from Garmin today. Its shiny and new. I missed it! For only $99 bucks too…not too bad given it died I guess.

Now, I have the 405 and 305. Great for ALL those ultra-marathons where just one watch won’t make it to the end. OK, that’s only once a year. So far I haven’t found a single reason why a decently motivated runner would want a 405. Here is a list of some things if you are considering these two watches. But remember, overall, you gotta get a GPS watch. For me, it really brought me into where I needed to be.

The best thing about the 405 is the satellite acquisition time. It is super fast compared to the 305. It usually just is on and ready.

The only “interesting” thing about it is the wireless data transfer. I walk back into the house after a run. I am in the laundry room cleaning up and the watch starts beeping and transferring the data to my computer. It even posts it to Garmin Connect — which is nothing compared to MotionBased so far. I dread the day when the migrate MotionBased users to Connect based on the current state of Connect. Connect has a lot of work to do to even get in the ballpark! But then you still have to login in to Connect to categorize, name, and add details to your run. Else it shows as “Unknown” or something. So its not like you really got out of anything. The wireless was flaky at first too but now seems pretty consistent.

Another beef with the 405 is that I feel like I have to keep reading the manual to figure things out…like how to do today’s scheduled workout. You have to be in the right screen then press Enter. The 305 just had it as a menu item.

But the worst thing is the lack of the map view. I use this all the time! The map on the 305 shows dots for mile markers and lines between them. You get an idea of path. This is cool when you are running in an unknown place because you can look for the “Start” dot and then track to it. That “Return to location” crap never works right. I like looking at a map and navigating myself. Also, when on an unknown race course, you can see how the course is going and a glance at what you have left. It was cool in Leadville because the out and back course allowed you to know exactly what you had left via the map. I guess the display is a bit smaller on the 405 so maybe they couldn’t figure out the map display — but it doesn’t take a lot of resolution and the map isn’t detailed. Just dots and lines. Would be great if this was added.

So for now, I guess I will just run with whichever has the full charge. Had a handful of times where I went to run and the batteries were low. So now, I can just run with other I guess.