Technology Woes

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My couple month old iPod shuffle died today mid-run. Figured I had forgotten to charge it…but wasn’t sure that was likely. Came home and plugged it in and iTunes can’t see it. Tried the iPod reset utility. Nothing. When its off the charger, not a single light will come on. When its on the charger, it just flashes yellow forever. I think its dead. Should be covered under warranty but I don’t want to go to the Apple Store again. I have been there enough this month.


Our Vonage voice quality is down the tubes. I have a massive connection and speed tests are huge, yet when you call I sound like an alien robot. I talked to Vonage for 90 minutes today while they did everything to tweak it out. They finally thought I sounded good after 10 test calls. Then they decided to send me a new router. This one is a Motorola vs. the Linksys I have always had. Maybe it will be better. However, with all the tweaks on the existing router, I took my next call and they claimed they couldn’t hear me. SOB!


I got my SPOT tracker and have been trying to get it going all day. I basically turned it on and put it out in the yard. Nothing. Apparently, the SPOT folks were having big network issues today combined with a web site upgrade that didn’t go so well last night. I did get one update to go through. I have SPOT linked to brightkite so it auto-updated my status on my web site. Pretty cool. Hopefully, it will work more consistently tomorrow. I put a SPOT link under the map in my sidebar that takes you directly to the SPOT tracking site so you can see all the check-ins with path between them. This way you can see the direction vs. just the static map on my sidebar. TMI!