I Haz iPhone

A Day in the Life2 Comments

Another day. Offered to take Sydney to camp so I was in the car at 8:30 AM driving around. Called 4 Apple stores. No stock but they all said “call back later in the day”. That was different than other days. Nobody got shipments yesterday so I assume this was a subliminal message that a shipment is probably coming. So I drove to Boulder…

When I pulled into the shopping center, I drove by the back of the Apple Store and the good boyz from FedEx were making a delivery. Nice timing! So I walked around the front of the store and employees were acting strange. So I milled about. Moments later 2 guys started bringing out the line pole thingies. I watched where they set them and walked right up. FIRST in line. A couple other people followed my lead and got in line too. Another employee changed the “we don’t have phones” sign to “see the new phone” sign. Sweet.

iPhone Line

We stood there for probably 20 minutes or so. 2 store employees were at the door and I overheard them say “Let them wait a bit longer. The line needs to grow.” Shitty? Whatever. I am first.

Minutes later an employee comes out and asks if I am ready to begin my iPhone experience. He says no white in stock, only black. I wanted white. Oh well. Give me a big black one then. We went inside and he asked for all my numbers and stuff and within 10 minutes or so I was activated and made a test call. Anything else? No. Enjoy your iPhone. It was bittersweet. The chase was over. As I walked out, there were 30+ people in line.

I drove home and went to the ATT store for more fun. Since my Treo is now deactivated, I decided to get that pay as you go phone for my running drop bag. Can’t have the pretty iPhone lost. So I went in and grabbed some $14 LG phone. No big deal. Small and light. It took the guy 15 minutes to ring it up and activate it. Some issue with his stock and the computers. Whatever. Just thought it was funny that it took longer than the iPhone. However, while there, the phone kept ringing at the store. The employees would all joke about iPhone calls and then answer. “No iPhones here. Sold out nationally. Direct fulfill is the ONLY way to go.” Found this funny because I just got a phone 10 minutes ago down the block. I told them. They acted like I spilled the secret sauce in the store.

So the Treo is dead. The iPhone is up and yet to be configured. And I have my running/backup phone. It was finally a good day.