Everything Sucks

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So last night, I went to get gas and got all flustered and laid my wallet down while working the pump. I mentally noted to myself to get pick it back up but of course I did not.

I woke up this morning to get join in the iPhone madness. Grabbed my stuff. Where is my wallet? SON OF A BITCH!

I drove back to the gas station just in case but it wasn’t turned in. Went back home and started dialing all the card companies to report the lost/stolen cards. You know what is annoying…when you have to listen to all those dumb menus and try and speak clearly. All you want is a rep so you can stop it now. Some cards had awesome systems and reps that did the deed in mere seconds. Sure it happens thousands of times a day but not to me. While on the phone with the reps, I started looking at my accounts via the Internet and seeing that my cards were on the move and being used.

All the usage seemed to be in a city about an hour from my house. They hit the same gas station 3 times, then went to the Taco Bell on one card. Then they moved to Wal-Mart with another card and spent over $300 there. There were pending transactions on some of my other cards but those have all been rejected. One card in particular nailed it and shut them down the first time they tried to use the card. Guess that behavior monitoring really works!

So after that, I went to the DMV and waited my turn to get my replacement license. In CO, they give you a paper and mail the license. So I just have my passport until then.

I ran to the store and bought a new wallet. My lost wallet was due for a replacement anyway but I can’t find the exact style I have. So I had to buy another one that isn’t the same. Another downer. But at least I can start putting stuff back in something as I get replacements.

Then I drove to my ATT store and went in for my iPhone. Ha ha…you should have been in line at 5 AM he says. They had 60 and they are long gone. Crap. Figures. I debated the camp out but seemed like with this launch it wouldn’t be so crazy. Guess not.

I called the Apple Store nearby in Boulder. We have some…but the line is long. So I drove over. The line was pretty long. 100 people? I am sure there are longer lines but that was enough for me. I stood there for a bit. Mostly just to chill out for a few minutes since my wallet fiasco and to chat with others. A couple people came out of the Apple store but it wasn’t going fast. One lady came out and explained how she was in line at 6 AM, got in the store after it opened, and still didn’t have a working phone. They had bricked her old phone and couldn’t let her leave with her new iPhone cause it wasn’t activated. No clue but didn’t seem like I wanted to do that. Need my phone number working. Then an Apple dude comes over and gives the speech and says your expected wait time is 5-6 hours. Plus, he wants a “state-issued ID”…I only have a passport. Ok, enough of that. I left.

Our neighbor lost her wallet a month ago and it gave me a “hope that doesn’t happen to us” feeling. Feels like an infection that got passed to me. Only a matter of time.

So other than the cash in the wallet, it is just some wasted time getting everything replaced so far. Followed up by more wasted time because Apple is activating phones in store and not handling the load.

The bright side is that my big race is 8 days away and I think I am in the best shape of my life and I don’t have any injuries that are going to slow me down. That doesn’t suck.