Death Row For The Treo

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My Treo is sad. It knows its on death row. My 2 year contract was up in January but I waited patiently until Apple put this 3G Jesus phone out. Now the time as come and the Treo will lock up for the last time.

To its credit, it was my first true smartphone and it was great — for a while — when email and web was cool. But I need more out of you now. I will miss your keyboard. I know it. But I am never far from my desktop and I think I can limp through the iPhone keyboard. I have gotten used to it a bit on my iPod touch. Its not perfect but I watched my usage and I find I view much more than I send. And more viewing space for web pages is key. Trying to load any page that isn’t ready for mobile puts my Treo in a frenzy. Oh and Windows, you blow. Why is it that wherever I run you (desktop or phone), you get slower every day? Now on the phone, you require a daily reboot just like your desktop brother.

For some fun, I am going to try and head over to the store when they open so I can be part of the craze. Really I just figure that way I would miss less work.

But my new predicament is that I need a 2nd phone — my Treo was always too bulky to run with. And I don’t want to take the new holy phone with me. Why a phone? Ever run 20 miles away from home and then decide your body can’t get you home. Nice to call. Ever been hailed on and needed a ride home. Nice to call. Ever have somebody need you when running for 3 hours and you are MIA. Nice to call. But my other priority was my upcoming races…on my first ultra, my family never knew where I was so we missed each other the whole day. Makes for a bad experience. What if a quick tweet or text was sent at the aid station. Then everybody can figure out the deal. Also being the geek I am, seems fun to real time twitter during my first 50. Follow along with me the whole day!

To solve this, I think I need to pickup a pre-paid phone. These things are like $10 and totally disposable. So a few text for a few bucks and the race is over and you toss the phone. Anyone got a good light running phone recommendation? Thinking of a small flip to minimize footprint. Something at 2 oz or less. Ideas?

That’s my phone update. I know you cared.