Weekly Training Summary

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Total Mileage for the Week: 73.23

I ran 6 of 7 days for the week and put down my largest weekly total ever. Good news is that I could have run more. Bad news is that I didn’t want to run more. At about 12 hours of running for the week, my mind was entering a permanent state of boredom.

Physically I felt pretty good. I did mid-day runs most of the week when temps were greater than 90 degrees. Felt good to be really warm on the runs. Upper body was good. Knees slightly sore but it would come and go. Heel was nagging but did awesome given the jump in mileage. I spent a good 30-45 minutes with ice on it after each run. Slept in my splint all week. Its still sore and pounds a bit during higher mileage days but I think its tolerable. Staying off pavement helps as well. That should be good for race day when I don’t expect to see a single piece of pavement.

Mentally I was sort of exhausted. I had to keep coming up with new routes all week to stay interested. Its just a lot of running and “alone time”. Its great when you zone out and start thinking about random stuff and minutes go by…but then when you wake yourself up from it, you are pissed that you stopped daydreaming. Tried to spend time thinking and preparing for the upcoming race. What should I take? How can I minimize? I have packed my gear in my mind 100 times now. Its not that I am anal, its just something meaningful that my brain likes to do while running. Passes the time. Thinking it would be nice to run with someone at least one day a week to break things up.

Went to chiropractor and massage therapist this morning. Everything is in check. Oddly, my IT bands were the tightest thing but they don’t hurt. Probably going to take today off. Rather give me heel a day of rest before the last full training week. Probably focus on some hill running. These long distance weeks find me slowing my pace. If you just zone out and run, you find yourself slowing your tempo down. My body seems like it can run infinitely at 9:10-ish. However, I can still crank it up and put down a tempo mile near the end of the long run in the mid 7s and feel good about it.

Overall, this buildup should give me a great base as I head back to more traditional races in the fall. Lots of sharpening to do! Time for that later. 2 big trail races to go!