Stone Temple Pilots @ Red Rocks

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I have been on a concert hiatus for far too long. Its been over a year. Just not a lot of interest but mostly no good shows. Well, the summer of 2008 has about 6 shows in store and I am excited about all of them. Oh and Red Rocks said on the sign that you could bring in small cameras. How times changed! I will bring mine next time. No more crappy camera phone shots.

Leading off last night was STP at Red Rocks. I have seen Weiland over the years with VR but was excited to get back to an STP show with a set full of songs that I know all the words to without even having to crack open a CD to study up.

Got there as the opening act started up. Chilled out up top as usual until STP came on stage. I was down in row 11 for the show.

Back at Red Rocks

I was curious what they would start with…usually its been big songs however tonight it was Big Empty. Nice and mellow. This shot was from later. The megaphone returns!

Stone Temple Pilots

Scott on the monitor.

Stone Temple Pilots
Stone Temple Pilots

The played a 2 song encore and ended the show with a bow. Not like the last time I saw them when Scott put an American flag around him and then stripped and sang the last song naked in a flag.

So same STP, less drama, still great music. No mention of “reunion” or new music. They just acted like nothing new.

Stone Temple Pilots

And with the magic of YouTube, there is a ton of video of the show floating around.