Weekly Training Summary

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Another big training week. I topped my mileage for the year at 54 for the week. Still haven’t gotten back to the record of nearly 70 from that week in Fort Wayne last summer. Its coming though. Had the short race on Saturday with Sydney and then one nasty weather day. So felt like I did the best with the … Read More

Longmont Sunrise Stampede 2008

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Distance 2.0 miles Time 33:45 Pace 16:53 Rank 531 of 636 GPS Analysis Strava Big race day — finally got to run a race with the new running sensation — Sydney! We signed up for local 2 mile fun run. I have done the 10k for this race in prior years. But today I was 1/2 coach, 1/2 runner with … Read More

RIP: Tibbs

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About 15 years ago, I was heading off to college. Kim was staying in Fort Wayne at the time and I thought my girlfriend would be lonely without me. So to help her along, we went out and bought the cutest little kitten we could find. Enter Tibbs. Tibbs travelled with us from state to state on our adventures. She … Read More

Brain Dump

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My wife says my blog is boring now. So is that the story or the fact that she once found it interesting? Do you like the activity feed stuff as a reader? We are on a streak of so-so to poor movies. All highly rated but not my style. There should be a warning label on movies like Sweeney Todd … Read More