Weekly Training Summary

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Total Mileage for the Week: 57+

Not accurate total. Let me explain.

I took Monday off last week because we travelled back from Glenwood Springs and it was a long day. So I didn’t run that day. I hit 49.5 miles over the next 5 days. Heel was hurting so I went to Bob for some PT advice. He deemed it not critical but in need of more attention. More ice and more stretching were the two main courses of action.

We went up to Camp Dick for the weekend. I figured I would get lots of good higher altitude running in but as things go, I was more into family activities and running went to the back burner. However, on Sunday afternoon, everyone with us had cleared out so I decided to go for a trail run while the rest of the family napped. Put on my Ruckys and hit the trail. Did 2 loops on the Sugarloaf Trail then decided to run back up the St. Vrain trail to “Sydney Island” where we had hiked to earlier in the day. On the way up there, I was thinking about the WS 100 cancellation over the weekend and something in me decided that I need to cross the river WS-style at the Island. So I took of my Ruckys to cross my “virtual Rucky Chucky”. With shoes held high, I ventured into the river. I got about 1/2 across and the slippery rocks on the bottom became too slippery. The current ran stronger and down I went. Glug. Glug. I popped up and naturally went back to the shore I came from. Damn. All dejected I started drying off and putting my shoes back on. Then I started laughing and wondering if anybody saw that masterpiece. I ran back down the way I came and back to camp. Oh yeah — I forgot my GPS watch at home and that totally messes me up. I feel like I am lost and have no idea how fast I am going. In the end, I logged about 90 minutes of trail time so I figured that gets me 8 miles plus or minus.

Leadville is only 2 training weeks and 1 taper week away. Feel like I need to log 100 miles this week but not sure if that will happen. Hopefully a few long runs but want to watch the heel. When we got back home today, my car temp said it was over 100 outside and by the time we got unpacked, my running shoes never got on my feet. So I am in the hole a day already. Hopefully that counts for rest time. See what the rest of the week brings. I am sure heat is in the forecast.