Weekly Training Summary

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Finished the 3rd 50+ mile week in a row. In the first 2 weeks you feel good. During this last one, things started to hurt. My knees are knocking. My heel is screaming. And motivation gets to be a challenge. I still got several key workouts in including a GP run, tempo run, hills run, and a trail run. I also got in a bike ride and a hike with Kim while I had Reagan in the backpack. Good quad workout. The hard thing about raising the training is that I seem to have more bad workouts — where you feel like you should have done better but you were tired or hurt during. But there are good days too. My hill days are always good right now. Those are the races I have coming up so that feels right. My tempo runs are painful experiences.

I did the trail run Saturday morning at Heil Ranch. I went later than usual and the trail was much busier. This put my mind at ease since I wasn’t the only bait out there. However, on the way up I caught a small rock at the wrong point in my stride and went for a roll. Ok, shake that off and keep going. I added a new loop along the Wild Turkey trail to get some more distance. The trail started off as a nice seemingly groomed trail. Later, it turned into some switchbacks through the meadow. It was going in and out of the trees and all of a sudden I found myself on the ground again but this time things hurt. First and foremost was my thumb. The tip was bent backwards from the fall and it hurt like hell. What did I do? My leg was all scratched up and my right shoulder was bruised and banged up. I brushed off some of the dirt and limped a 1/4 mile. Finally, I got my legs together and ran back out of there. The thumb continued to swell and change to purple through the day. I bought a splint at Walgreens and have had it on ever since. My thumb is still double the size of my other one but I can move all the joints. I just can’t sleep well because it wakes me up on the hour wanted to express its pain.

So this is race week on Saturday so I get to taper. I love the taper. Its my favorite part of training. This is the first race in a while where I had a solid month of training and no other races (on purpose) so I can focus on this event. Post Mt. Evans, I hope to take a couple days easy and then I have to climb the mileage another notch for Leadville.