Screw You, Plantar Fasciitis

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I remember Steve limping around my house last year bitching about his Plantar fasciitis. I was like “whatever that big word means mr. medical dude”. Now I know…Since January, my heal started hurting worse and worse. When you get out of bed in the morning its the toughest. It feels like the tendon in your foot shrunk by inches and you have to stretch it out. It hurts. Mine was dull but got worse and worse. Finally, I decided to figure it out so I quickly found the magic cure: a night splint. I ordered one and put it on and immediately the next morning, my heel felt awesome. Still have some pain but I can jump out of bed and do anything vs. limping around for an hour in the morning. Its a bit weird sleeping with a boot on but its not uncomfortable. But its made me realize that my natural foot posture when sleeping is to bend my foot down and relax my foot — which is just bad for this injury. Now its kept at 90 degrees while I sleep and its great. Long live miracle cures where you just sleep and stuff gets better!