McIntosh Mud Hen 5k 2008

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Distance 5 km (3.1 miles)
Time 23:16 (PR)
Pace 7:30
Rank 31 of 328
GPS Analysis Strava

So I am on the massage table earlier in the week and Henry asks, “Are you running the Mud Hen this Saturday?”. I had forgotten about that local 5k race. Sure! Why not — because I was supposed to be recovering from a 50k last weekend. Oh well, sure. So I kept running all week and even did 9 on the day before the race.

Got up this morning at 8:30 and drove over to the lake for registration. Due to some brutal wind, the registration tent was literally blowing away. Its been windy here all spring and I have mentioned this before, but it was even worse than normal today. It was so bad that Kim was looking out the window at home for a tornado or something. Yet I was out at a race. Rock on. My GPS data said average wind speed was 19.2 miles/hour for the race. Brutal.

I met up with Henry and we discussed the race and how the wind sucked ass. Then they said “GO!” and we headed off on the trek around the lake. The course starts off on a sidewalk so they put us all in a field and they tried to funnel into a line on the sidewalk. I and many others tore down through the grass to get position. Then the wind hit us straight on. I went from a 6-ish pace to and 8-ish pace. It was slow motion! This was my first official 5k so I wanted a good time but today wasn’t going to be a record day with this wind.

I kept cranking and played the breaks to increase tempo as much as possible. I really hate the 5k because at mile 1.5 you feel like you are going to die. This is usually when training you get your break in intervals. But its so good for you to pound through it and build this speedwork.

I got a great pace going as we neared the finish line and the wind was broken up by the shoreline homes. Crossed the finish line in 23+ minutes. I was really gunning to break 21 but no dice. Minus the wind, I think it could have been close but wondering if I would have hit it. Will be fun to do another one of these in the future. Plus, nothing like a race that done in 20 minutes vs. 6 hours.

However, I loved the results email:

    You placed 31st out of 328 finishers in a time of 23:16 for a pace of 7:30 per mile.

    Out of 145 men you finished 24th. The winning time for men was 17:33.

    For 30 to 34 year old men you were 3rd out of 18 finishers. The winning time for your age and sex was 22:25.

That made me feel pretty good. 3rd in my age group! I am gaining on these guys!

So now I will be doing 4 races in 6 weeks. I love spring time!