Kart Is In The House

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I haven’t even finished WoW yet and now Mario Kart showed up today from Amazon. Great…now my wife and I are really going to be ignoring everything so we can kick each others asses. Our battles from N64 days are epic! Here are our friend codes so we can kick your ass too! Kim: 0087-2739-7160 Brandon: 0817-4184-1655

McIntosh Mud Hen 5k 2008

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Distance 5 km (3.1 miles) Time 23:16 (PR) Pace 7:30 Rank 31 of 328 GPS Analysis Strava So I am on the massage table earlier in the week and Henry asks, “Are you running the Mud Hen this Saturday?”. I had forgotten about that local 5k race. Sure! Why not — because I was supposed to be recovering from a … Read More

What Have I Been Up To At Work

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Since I joined a new business unit with Cisco last August, we have been focused on bringing B2B Telepresence to the mass market. Tonight, our first announcement along those lines came out publicly: AT&T First Service Provider to Deliver Intercompany Cisco TelePresence for Businesses Around the World This is going to be a big damn deal for Telepresence overall and … Read More

Greenland Trail 50k 2008

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Distance 50 km (31.1 miles) Time 06:13:38 (PR) Pace 12:02 Rank 61 of 85 GPS Analysis Strava My first ultramarathon — and I underestimated it. Mentally, I had this race pegged as a marathon plus another 5 miles. It was much more than that. The race consisted of a 8M, 25k, and 50k. We all started at the same time, … Read More

I Am A Warrior

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My life continues to be consumed with WoW. I found this site that shows your character for display. Check me out. All you WoW experts, tell me how to improve this dude.