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Not that I need yet another game to play but I wanted to figure out what all the excitement was with WoW. The last time I played Warcraft was Warcraft III. Downloaded the trial version and I am running on the Mac Pro. Showing 200 FPS at times. Seems good! I have a few hours in and I am up … Read More

Super Mario Galaxy

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120 stars! Mission complete. The last board I did was Lugi’s Purple Coins in Toy Time Galaxy. What a brutal board. For some reason my long jump wasn’t working well for the first 75 (I lost track!) tries. My beautiful wife is stuck at 118. She can’t get the Lugi board. She is getting closer though. I think this game … Read More

Napa Valley Marathon 2008

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Distance 26.2 miles Time 03:49:17 (PR) Pace 8:45 Rank 496 of 1757 GPS Analysis Strava Most people come to wine country to relax…not this weekend! When we lived in California, we came up to Napa/Calistoga a few times to do the usual: wineries, mud baths, fancy dining. However, this year Napa was my winter target. I decided that I need … Read More