Super Mario Galaxy

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I just remembered that I didn’t post about this game.

The bad news — my wife beat the game before I did last month. Now, she did spend a bunch of time on it while I was still stuck in Guitar Hero land trying (and finally) 5 staring all songs on Easy. Next comes Medium! I am stuck on Hard for now. Need to get more accurate to continue on. Oh, and we got a 2nd guitar. Multiplayer brings a whole new dimension.

Back to Mario — I later beat Bowser as well and restored peace the galaxy. But the game goes on. For the first time in years, Kim and I find ourselves continuing to play Galaxy on the hunt for all 120 stars! Its the game that never ends. I am up in the 70s and Kim is in the 90s. 120 is going to take a while as the stars are getting more difficult to achieve. Who will win the race to 120? We will see!