Snowy Steamboat

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We headed up to Steamboat for a ski vacation. We hadn’t been up there in a couple years so we were excited to return to Ski Town U.S.A. This time we took along my sister and parents. My parents haven’t ever been to a ski resort so they were excited to see what this was all about.

Steamboat Lunch

The good/bad news was that it snowed the WHOLE time we were there. On the drive in, we got to Rabbit Ears Pass and the snow was really flying and the wind was really blowing. It was a total white out. I had to stop my truck on the highway and wait for breaks in the blowing snow to proceed forward. Everyone was freaking out on the road. We kept making steady progress though and finally made it into town. The next morning Natalee and I hit the slopes.

Steamboat Skiers

I only took a few shots but it was all powder everywhere!

Natalee at Steamboat

Natalee had some good shots of the snow though!

We took Herb and Carole up the gondola so they could get a look at the skiing up the mountain. I kept telling them months in advance to bring warm clothes and bundle up!

Steamboat - Herb/Carole

A quick family shot and then everyone ran into the lodge to grab some lunch.

Steamboat Family

The evening snow made the sky turn pretty colors at night!

Steamboat Lights

Ever since Jungbauers introduced us to Strawberry Park Hot Springs, we always make the trip. This year was amazing with all the snow! The pictures all sucked because it was dusk and the camera was freaking out with all the steam.

Steamboat Hot Springs

Rabbit Ears pass (the way in/out of Steamboat) was closed most of the time we were there so we kinda had this great snow to ourselves. But the morning when it was time for us to go home and back to reality the pass opened and we snuck out of town before the next storm. This has been the snowiest season on record in Steamboat in forever. 36″ or so just in the few days we were in town. The powder in Steamboat is amazing and I finally got to be there during one of the biggest dumps.

Steamboat Roofs

More photos on Flickr from Natalee’s and my camera.