Team Scratch

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Last night, we had a “Adults Night Out” with Chad and B2. With 4 kids between us, we were up for a break. We ate at a Brazillian steakhouse and ended up with some partially drunk pool hustling. Team Scratch was Kim and Chad — appropriately named for the number of times the cue ball was in the pocket. Team … Read More


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In metrosexual news, we gave our closets a makeover. Kim had given up in the kid’s room. Too much stuff and nowhere to put it. So she started looking into redesigning their closets to maximize storage space. Then the project expanded into our closet. So she designed a layout with a closet company and we went ahead. The bad news … Read More

Super Mario Galaxy

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I just remembered that I didn’t post about this game. The bad news — my wife beat the game before I did last month. Now, she did spend a bunch of time on it while I was still stuck in Guitar Hero land trying (and finally) 5 staring all songs on Easy. Next comes Medium! I am stuck on Hard … Read More

Time To Upgrade

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Everything on my desktop PC is coming to a slow crawl. I click on an email and have to wait to view it. I don’t know what the deal is — I think its just my PC aging. So its time for my upgrade. I have been waiting and deciding for months now. I boiled it down to 2 priorities: … Read More

Snowy Steamboat

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We headed up to Steamboat for a ski vacation. We hadn’t been up there in a couple years so we were excited to return to Ski Town U.S.A. This time we took along my sister and parents. My parents haven’t ever been to a ski resort so they were excited to see what this was all about. The good/bad news … Read More