A New Kind Of Adventure

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Sydney loves to hunt for “treasure”. So we decided that we would use my new GPS that has a geocaching feature to start search for geocaches…I mean treasure! As it turns out, there is one by the park by our house. So before dinner, we went over there for a look. Sydney took the GPS and followed the arrow all the way to the right coordinates. But then she wasn’t sure what to do. We looked and looked and finally found the hidden treasure. Here you see her with the spread. She took a small basketball and left a winner’s medal — that’s what you do at these caches.

On the way out, we thought we should try for another one nearby before dark. While searching Sydney told me that she had to go the bathroom. This is usually a sign that you have minutes to hours before she goes. However, I look down and pee is shooting out of the front of her pants. “Daddy, I told you I had to go. Look what you made me do!”. Oh, its all MY fault — do girls just have a chip in their heads programmed with this stuff? So we didn’t find that treasure but we will be back with some clean pants.

My First Geocache Find