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With the tides turned after CES, I decided I was ready for a DVD upgrade to Blu-Ray. And conveniently, Best Buy sent me a 20% off any Blu-Ray player coupon for use last weekend. So I went and I bought the Sony BDP-S500.

Within minutes of getting home, I changed my Netflix preference to Blu-Ray so now I will get all available movies in that format instead.

The downside is that my theater projector is only capable of 720p. That was all a consumer could get when I bought mine. So now I dream of a 1080p upgrade.

The other thing this Blu-Ray player offered was true 7.1 sound — but you need an HDMI-capable receiver to get it. My receiver does not have that. They were not on the market yet.

So 2 more upgrades coming some day, some time…