The End Of The Beginning

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In 2007, I stepped up my running to marathon status. As the year went on, I started looking at my total miles for the year. In 2006, I had 415 miles under my belt. In 2007, with more training, I was on a course to hit 1000 miles for the year. I wanted to hit it. It was a good goal because I new it would keep me running consistently going into the new year.

However, it got cold and snowy fast and my running days were numbered. I was still getting out 2-3 times a week but not the 5-6 I usually do. It was OK because its the off season but that 1000 number kept sticking in my head.

When we got to Fort Wayne, Indiana for the Christmas holiday, it was 33-40 degrees and dry for the first few days. Great running weather. So I got a few good longs runs in and suddenly I was close on 1000 mile goal.

I started thinking that I should run from Indiana to Ohio on the final leg to complete the goal. So I had gotten to 989 miles and had 1 run to go. I woke up and hit the road. 1 minute into the run, my watch turns off…no battery power! It must have switched on in my bag and now I couldn’t track this “historic run”. Man, what a bummer. Oh well. Just go for it. I had plotted out a the course in my watch but now it was all from memory.

As I ran the farm roads of Indiana I was able to reflect on some of the fun races I did in 2007 and what I want to do in 2008. There was a guy out getting his mail and I asked him where the state line was….he said 2 more miles. He looked at me like I was Forrest Gump or something. Awesome. I kept going another 30 minutes and no state line was in sight. Maybe I was running a course that wasn’t going to intersect!?!

Suddenly, the wind picked up and the temps dropped. The wind chill was killing me. I had to head back. I was freezing cold and cursing the run. I was trying to use ESP to contact my wife to tell her to pick me up. Needless to say, I made it back but I was frozen. No clue how far I had gone.

Since I had no GPS data, I used another web site to trace my route and calculate the distance. 12.92 miles! Awesome.

So here was the final odometer for the year:


Tomorrow, it goes back to 0. But I guarantee is going to hit 1000 next year again, but much earlier!