My 2008 Race Calendar

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One of the most fun yet painful things to do in December is plan the race calendar for the next year. Its fun because you can pick anything you want. Its painful because you are signing up to get your ass kicked on a regular basis. I like to race each month through the year. Its probably a bit much but I like to think I am young.

Date Name Location Distance Registered Notes
March 2 Napa Valley Marathon Napa, CA 26.2 miles Yes Running with Glenn & Luke once again!
April 19 Greenland Trail 50k Larkspur, CO 31.1 miles Yes My first ultra-marathon and its on a trail too! Taking comfort that this is a 4-loop course but it snowed for this race last year.
May 3 Indy 500 Festival Mini-Marathon Indianapolis, IN 13.1 miles Yes Running with my sister Natalee! Part of the race occurs on the speedway race track.
May 18 Colorado Colfax Marathon Denver, CO 26.2 miles Yes First time but new course for 2008.
June ?? Longmont Sunrise Stampede Longmont, CO 6.22 miles Not Available Yet Just a fun local trainer.
June 21 Mt. Evans Ascent Echo Lake, CO 14.5 miles Yes Going to redo as high altitude training. Less walking this year!
July 20 Leadville Silver Rush Trail 50 Leadville, CO 50 miles Yes Its a new event! I was going to run the marathon there held July 5th but this sounds better. Same general trails, longer distance. Building to the LT100 for 2009(?) so this should be a great trial. Possibly need a crew on this one. Guessing 10-12 hours to finish?
Aug 17 Pikes Peak Marathon Manitou Springs, CO 26.2 miles Not Available Yet Often said to be the hardest marathon in the world!
Sep ?? Boulder Marathon Boulder, CO 13.1 miles Not Available Yet Probably going to do the 1/2 again as a trainer for Denver 2 weeks later.
Oct 19 Denver Marathon Denver, CO 26.2 miles Yes My tradition!
Nov 2 NYC Marathon New York, NY 26.2 miles Not Available Yet Waiting on registration info. Want to do a major!
Nov ?? Longmont Turkey Trot Longmont, CO 6.22 miles Not Available Yet If NYC happens, then might skip.

So that’s it. Thoughts? Nuts? Too easy? A bunch don’t start registration until after January 1st so this is a tentative schedule I suppose.