The End Of The Beginning

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In 2007, I stepped up my running to marathon status. As the year went on, I started looking at my total miles for the year. In 2006, I had 415 miles under my belt. In 2007, with more training, I was on a course to hit 1000 miles for the year. I wanted to hit it. It was a good … Read More

Cannot recreate collection while filter is enabled

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I have been meaning to start posting some of my new tips, tricks, and general crap I have gotten stuck on in my new life as a Java web developer. Need to go back through my notes but here was one from today. Google shows no hits for this Hibernate error message: cannot recreate collection while filter is enabled This … Read More

My 2008 Race Calendar

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One of the most fun yet painful things to do in December is plan the race calendar for the next year. Its fun because you can pick anything you want. Its painful because you are signing up to get your ass kicked on a regular basis. I like to race each month through the year. Its probably a bit much … Read More

Snow Daze

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How’s training going?, asks co-worker Luke. Ummm…been better. Its hard to move from running in shorts to running in this: And further running with these on: But you get out there and you try and get it done. Times are slower. Its harder to breathe. But I never get too cold. Body heat keeps me going! I travelled 5.13 miles … Read More