I Hate Me

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So I go into Facebook this morning and I have a message: Dear AssWipe You are ruining the good name of Brandon Fuller with your tree hugging nature crap. I demand that you change you name before you suck all of the goodness out of this great name. I know the real Brandon Fuller and he is ten times the … Read More


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Every now and then I go over to dbstalk.com to look up something on DIRECTV and learn something new. So it turns out DIRECTV just lit up the ethernet jack on the back of my HR20 and I didn’t know it. So I plugged in the cable and went through the menus to enable the connection. All set. After doing … Read More

Leopard Upgrade Complete

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Finally got my Leopard upgrade today. Finder not responding — I had no clue on this one but the fact that all the icons on the desktop were gone had me scared for a minute. Went to another computer and found a few articles talking about this problem. Tried it and it worked! Phew. What would we do without search … Read More