The Long Road Home

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We woke up today 100 miles south of Monterey in San Simeon. It was a long curvy drive down nearly reminding me of The Road to Hana. We drove up to the Hearst Castle but it wasn’t going to work. Its a 2-hour “can’t turn back” tour that the kids would have went bonkers during. Plus, it looks like more of an estate on a hill vs. a castle. Oh well.

A few miles north of the castle, we pulled off to check out the Elephant Seal Vista. Will anyone be there? Oh, probably a few — HUNDRED!


These were big seals and they were all over the beach as far as you could see. Oddly, they were perfectly quiet. Not a peep. Everyone was fast asleep except for an occasional look up to see who was taking pictures now.


Their faces were very different vs. the other “bottle” seals we just saw and their sea lion cousins.


We drove up to Big Sur and hiked through a couple of parks.


Then down to the beach for the sunset. A fitting conclusion to a long trek back through our old California turf.