A Day In Monterey

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We headed over near the aquarium on Thansgiving and to our surpirse, they were open. We went inside to buy our tickets for the next day because the ticket line is often long and wraps around the building. The lady selling us the tickets indicated that the day after Thanksgiving is one of their busiest days of the year. Figured. But we could go in for the last hour today and enjoy at no extra charge. The good part was that the place was virtually empty. It was our aquarium for the next hour. The kids ran from exhibit to exhibit. They had the touch-the-stuff area all to themselves. It was great. My wife was fascinated by these jellies. They had tied themselves into a knot there in the middle. What do they do now? (We came back the next day and they were all free again!)


We spent a bunch of time watching the seals out in the harbor. These are just wild seals that come inland looking for a place to rest. And place meaning a really spiny rock tip sticking out of the water. Ouch! This guy was asleep when the bird came down to bug him. The seal watched the birds every move.


Then nearby, we saw a first — an otter had come out of the water for a snooze on the beach! You see them in the water often here but rarely so close on land.


Oh, and if your family tells you that they want to rent one of these…be prepared for a workout!


And don’t forget to keep your eyes open down here. The ocean is alive. You never know who might be passing by!