Applied Materials Turkey Trot 2007

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Distance 10k (6.21 miles)
Time 45:40 (PR)
Pace 7:22
Rank 139 of 1445
GPS Analysis Strava

As we were planning our California Thanksgiving, Glenn alerted me to the fact that there was a 10k on Thanksgiving — a true Turkey Trot! I was game. I just ran a 10k about 2 weeks ago so I was ready to go. I wanted to beat my last PR and be in the 45s.

The route sent all the 5k-ers and 10k-ers out the same way. This was OK at the start but not at the end. When we merged back together, the walkers were there and they were all over the road…left and right. The runners formed small packs and kept blasting through…comin’ through! The runner and the walkers seemed to be cursing at each other. We were out there for different reasons and it wasn’t appropriate to combine us together. Nothing like a wall of baby joggers to interfere with your PR attempt.


That and the fact that the course had quite a few U-Turns. Fuck those. They are evil. While they give you a quick pace reset, they don’t help your time in a race where seconds that add up to minutes matter.

It was a fun race overall and it was cool to do some new terrain on a new course.

Glenn (who was pacing Luke) finished a few minutes after me. That was my one and only time I will ever beat Glenn at a run!