Longmont Turkey Trot 10k 2007

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Distance 10k (6.21 miles)
Time 46:14 (PR)
Pace 7:27
Rank 84 of 346
GPS Analysis Strava

With the big races over for the season, its time for the turkey races. Today was race 1 of 2 in my Turkey Trot 2007 Tour. The race was here in Longmont. Last year, the start was freezing cold. This year it was warm enough to run in short sleeves.

I talked my neighbor, Dmitri, into running the race with me. He isn’t into these races but he is a pretty fit guy so I knew he would give it a good shot.

Starting out, I kept a 7:30 pace. That was the same pace I did last year at this race. I wanted to improve but I knew from training that if I pushed to much harder, I might cramp up in the low 7s. So I figured keep a steady pace and finish strong. I had left Dmitri at the starting line but little did I know that he had me in his sights for the whole race. What motivation! Near the final stretch he came up next to me and we ran it in. I had saved up some gas so I pushed it down the final stretch to edge him out. Pretty fun to see him perform and finish so closely!


The interesting thing here is that all the marathon training did not directly translate into more 10k speed. I feel more confortable at 7:30 than last year but I don’t push it much harder. Post race, my legs feel great which is probably where the training comes in. I also wasn’t perfect at my speed work over the summer — mostly because I didn’t understand it. Now that I do, I think I will improve these times in the future. Its still fun because times are dropping but they aren’t dropping as fast as before.