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Every now and then I go over to to look up something on DIRECTV and learn something new. So it turns out DIRECTV just lit up the ethernet jack on the back of my HR20 and I didn’t know it. So I plugged in the cable and went through the menus to enable the connection. All set.

After doing this, a new option called “On Demand” shows up on your menu. It didn’t do anything for the first 24 hours because DIRECTV has to provision you or something, but after that it brings up a list of tons of on demand channels. So I haven’t gone through all of them but I was able to download a Daily Show interview and a Dora the Explorer episode. They get queued up in the background and show up in your normal DVR menu of things to watch. Pretty sweet! Nothing better than hardware that gets better with new software!

I was also able to use TVersity to stream some of my photos and music over to the HR20 as well. But its sucks. All of these types of thing suck! The photos are always all crappy. Why can’t anybody show the in HD or something?