Leopard Upgrade Complete

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Finally got my Leopard upgrade today.

  1. Finder not responding — I had no clue on this one but the fact that all the icons on the desktop were gone had me scared for a minute. Went to another computer and found a few articles talking about this problem. Tried it and it worked! Phew. What would we do without search engines? Self-service problem solving without Apple involved. The only funny thing was all the articles were struggling on how to tell peopel to get at Terminal — boot disks, etc. Just use Spotlight and search for Terminal!
  2. GroupCal doesn’t work with Leopard and won’t until next year!! Screw these guys. This software is the biggest piece of crap. It never works right. It always overpopulates our calendars. Its a joke. I know syncing is hard but does it have to be this bad. I am done with this thing. Going to have to figure out another way for a Windows guy to share a calendar with a Mac girl.
  3. Yahoo! Widgets are busted. They don’t show up. Sucks. Seems like that one could have been fixed during the million betas of Leopard. Give me a fix soon!

Otherwise, everything went well.

What’s the deal with Time Machine only using AFP volumes? Brutal. I have all this network attached storage that I wanted to use!