This Week In God

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Randomly, someone that doesn’t live around here will ask me — what’s up with the mega-church being built in your backyard? I guess I hadn’t mentioned.

Well, probably my last update told you it was approved in Weld County. A lawsuit was filed by various homeowners and we lost that. It was about a violation in the way the notification of the hearings was completed. I think we were technically correct but the judge kinda said “enough people showed up so oh well”.

Then the LifeBridge church ran into some flack with their existing property in Longmont. So the church decided to apply for annexation into Longmont. This was an interesting move. At the heart of it seemed to be some issues with tax, water, and public services but I kinda had lost interest. I figure if its in Longmont, that’s good. They will watch the project closely vs. Weld County that probably doesn’t give a shit.

So the project was renamed “Union” — not to be so church-y and was put in front of the Longmont City Council. Through some heated meetings they passed it with a vote of like 4-1. So I figured it was a done deal. Not so! A bunch of angry Longmont residents got together and collected 4,000+ signatures on a petition. This was presented to the council and invoked a referendum. The city counil now had to either revoke their approval or put the annexation up for vote at a special election. They met last week and chose the later.

The next step is a special election in January where the citzens of Longmont (not me, I am not in the city) will get to vote on the annexation. No clue at this point how that is going to turn out. I am sure the church will rally its members to get out and vote. So the opposition has an uphill battle to organize the voters. Who knows but I will keep you posted!

If its gets voted down, the church still happens — just in Weld County, instead of the City of Longmont. So no matter what, I still don’t have to go and find God…he is moving into my backyard.