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  • Crap. PALM took a dump. I hadn’t noticed till tonight. I don’t know why I still have this stock but I continue to believe in it as an enterprise phone play.
  • Byrne created a podcast plugin for MT. Great. Now I can stop messing with MT-Enclosures. It was probably my most notable plugin given its early introduction when podcasting wasn’t even called podcasting yet. Plugins are a losing business anyway. As an author, you spend lots of time helping out people that are in over their heads for no money and lots of time. It sucks. I used to think there was a business there. Until we can figure out a way to license and charge for plugins for real, I think I am done with that game — except for plugins I need for my own use.
  • Its great the Rockies made it to the World Series. Its a shame they are getting killed.
  • I am super confused on what computer to buy. I wanted a 30″ screen — that was priority #1. No iMac with a 30″ of course. Dell isn’t bundling the 30″ with the new XPS 420 — some new 27″, good enough? And a Mac Pro is too fucking expensive! What’s a geek to do? Nothing! That’s what ends up happening. Confusion. No money spent.
  • Would I really play Guitar Hero III on the Wii? Is it that good? Can I go on tour and live out my rock star dreams?
  • Running on a treadmill sucks so much I can’t stand it. I would rather run in the rain.
  • I can get a new cell phone from Verizon in 15 days — but what to get? I just know I won’t be happy with the iPhone myself because I need more! The rumored Treo 800w looks sweet!
  • Did you know they have to put the baseballs at Coors Field in a special chamber because the altitude makes the balls shrink and get harder over time? Note to self: visit my urologist.
  • I hate fall. Its getting cold.
  • Facebook is boring because not enough people I am interested in are on it/updating.
  • I want a new TV in the bedroom because that seems to be my only entertainment in there…where can you get the best price on a 40″ LCD? Best Buy, Costco, Crutchfield? Want a deal.
  • I just helped a guy from Atlanta with my plugin. He didn’t follow the directions. I was patient. He tipped me $25! Sweet. I haven’t gotten a tip since I was a carry-out boy at the grocery.
  • How much can you really make by running a pumpkin patch?