Changes In Latitude

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I have been working on MeetingPlace for a long time. It was 1998 when some random recruiter called me and pitched the product and position. I wasn’t too sure about it but the company was within walking distance so I figured I would check it out. Couldn’t hurt. Nearly 9 years later I am still working on that same product. Its been a fun ride. However, earlier this summer I decided that it was time for a change.

I considered leaving Cisco…for about a minute…but quickly decided that there wasn’t another company that had such a compelling offer and so much momentum. I started poking around internally to see what I could find. One opportunity rose to the top quicker than all the rest: TelePresence. You could almost think of this as a next generation of meetings — where we use the latest technology to provide a better virtual meeting experience. If you haven’t seen TelePresence before, here is a video that shows what’s its all about:

The other interesting thing about this change for me is that its a total technology switch. To date, my day job has been exclusively building on a Microsoft stack of technologies. Well, all that is changing over to a Linux/Java/MySQL stack. I am not totally going to be going in blind. I have been playing with that stuff outside of work for years. However, there is going to be a learning curve to get to the level of proficiency that I am at right now.

The other great part about this new job is that I get to work on a small team with a some people that I worked with early on in my MeetingPlace days — Ted, Glenn, Luke. Kinda of a reunion of sorts.

So today was my first official day in the new group and I am excited about the next set of challenges!